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How to Be a Bad*ss: 

how to be a bad*ss

Imagine an audience full of attendees who are enthralled, on the edge of their seats, and hanging onto every word of your keynote speaker…

How to Be a Bad*ss takes your audience on a journey through Dessi’s incredible, personal story and her unique take on tackling challenges and embracing adversity as the ultimate tool to believe in yourself. 

Your attendees may initially feel like:

  • They’re on a hamster wheel, bored, with their lives hanging in limbo

  • They’re afraid to try new things, or take a chance on themselves for fear of failure

  • They dabble in self-loathing, because they know they need to make changes but haven’t mustered the courage to do so


And they will leave feeling like they’re:

  • Inspired by the realization that they already have all the tools and potential they need to live the life they truly desire

  • Empowered to try new things, build businesses, go back to school, finally try that new hobby, etc.

  • Powerful because of the adversity they’ve faced in life, rather than hindered by it


Dessi will take your audience on a trip through her own gripping, real-life trials and tribulations, seamlessly blending her story with 6 invaluable lessons including:

  • Harnessing the power of your emotions as a secret weapon

  • Appreciating hardship as a path to unparalleled strength

  • Embracing the urgency of living life to the fullest


And more…

By the end of her keynote, attendees will realize that they are ALREADY powerful, and that it’s time to become the main character in their story and lives.

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