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life coach? no. 
the coach of a lifetime. 

If you're here, you need something. You might not know what it is, but it "is". 

That's why I'm here, too. 

My coaching program is not like the others - wait, you've heard this before. Hm. 

My program is the thing you've always been looking for? 

It's a fruit loop in a bowl of cheerios? 


You know what, let's just get into it:

For $499/month you get: 

Dessi McEntee_edited.jpg

1:1 Coaching

Let's break it down: ​

  • Biweekly 60min sessions

  • All-access pass to me 24/7

  • Find your power or money back

My program is founded on the framework that people need allies and someone to believe in them in order to believe in themselves. As long as you want in, you get me. 

We will work together to help you find your power and then unleash it. Whether it's wanting to get an advanced role in your industry, completely change careers, start a business or a side hustle, go all in on a new hobby, or anything else you can think of - we will chase it and we won't stop until we get it. 

And then we will keep going. 

In my program, the sky is not the limit because there are no limits.


If you want it - it's yours. 


Access to The Wild

Included in your program is membership into the The Wild, a community of incredible women helping each other become the women they needed as a girl.

Enter The Wild and get instant access to a network of ambitious women supporting and lifting one another up. 

The Wild also comes with a private chat community, numerous resources to help you level up, and biweekly Tribe Nights where the whole community comes together every other Sunday night to chat and simply be there for each other.


As a coaching client, you also get an exclusive invite into our Wild Retreats and just to sweeten the pot even more, next year's retreat features Skydiving in Denver, CO. 

LLC Launchpad (600 x 600 px) (7).png

 LLC Launchpad

Another perk is free access to LLC Launchpad, an online course that teaches you the mindset and tools to launch your very own business in 30 days. 


LLC Launchpad is the go-to course for first time entrepreneurs and will show you how to not only start your own business but also become a published author all in one go. 


You will have access to this course for life, so whenever you're ready to starting choosing your destination LLC Launchpad will be waiting. 

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