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bold doesn't
look back

An initiative to give women the resources and opportunity

to discover their power

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I'm on a mission

to help women believe in themselves just as much as I do

Have you ever...

wanted more for your life

but don't know where to get it or where to start

felt numb from trauma or people

limiting your ability to grow professionally

struggled with confidence

that created barriers to your ambition

That's where I come in...

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Hi, I'm Dessi!

I'm a motivational speaker, author, entrepreneur, toxicologist, firefighter, and more.

I am powerful beyond measure. 

But only because someone believed in me.

After fighting the adversities of losing a parent not once but twice, battling life-threatening illnesses, and grappling with happiness, I came across an ally who's simple belief in me supercharged a belief in myself. Since that day, I've saved lives as a first responder and billion-dollar programs as a toxicologist, I've launched several successful businesses, I've become a published author, I've discontinued antidepressants, and I've become sober. 


Now, I'm on a mission to pay it forward and help women believe in themselves and find their worth. 


We all have power, it's simply a matter of discovery.

Bold Doesn't Look Back

Men are born with power. 
Women have to be empowered. 

Bold Doesn't Look Back is an initiative to give women the resources and opportunity they need to live their biggest lives. 

As women, we may grow up feeling unworthy or flawed which puts us at a disadvantage when it comes to not just getting opportunities, but recognizing, creating and seizing them. 

BDLB provides allies, communities, courses, and more to help give women the confidence and belief that they can set the world on fire.

And then it helps them do it. 

This is the power of Bold Doesn't Look Back:

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I believe you can be the woman you needed as a girl

Find support, people and resources in an anonymous community

 to help you do just that.

I believe you can be bold and never look back

Find self-respect with Bold/Letters, a weekly newsletter providing resources and opportunities to believe in your self and your life

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I believe you can be a business owner and a published author without knowing how to be either

Find the mindset and the tools to publish a book and launch your own business in 30 days with my course LLC Launchpad


Biweekly Tribe Nights:

live coaching, accountability, advice and support

A Private Community:

dedicated chat channels to help each other level up

100+ Resources:

tools for your mind, life and career to thrive

i believe in you.

This is kelly. 

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This is Kelly.

Kelly has struggled throughout her life with having belief in herself, stemming from various traumas and experiences since childhood.

As a result, Kelly never really found a career and constantly shifted through different odd jobs like lawn care, landscaping, building management, cleaning services, etc. And she was good at it because she has a ridiculous work ethic.

But her real passion was always public safety and helping people.

A few years ago, Kelly decided to try to get into the police academy and fought her way through interviews, exams and physicals to do so. Unfortunately, she kept getting “no’s” and this added to her low confidence and belief that she couldn’t do anything more than manual labor odd jobs.

Then, on a whim, Kelly turned to Bold Doesn’t Look Back to help her find her way.

After learning about Kelly’s story, I realized she would be an incredible firefighter. Her high work ethic and no bullshit, fierce personality was the perfect match for a career as a first responder and it aligned with what she always dreamed of doing.

So, we started the journey.

I helped Kelly with opportunity by getting her into a volunteer department in her town so she could learn the ropes and make sure this is what she wanted to put all her energy into. I had been a volunteer firefighter for over ten years, so I gave her tools for her gear and books I had used during my own classes.

She really loved being a volunteer so we created a plan to get her into a paid department. In our state, the certification classes for paid and volunteer firefighters are the same and if you join a volunteer department they will pay for you to take the classes which you can then leverage for a paid position.

Kelly took and passed her EMT class, Firefighter I class and the CPAT physical exam. I helped her study and gave her a community of other female first responders that propelled her confidence and love for the path she was walking. 

She had speedbumps along the way, but our unwavering village had her back.

Kelly then applied for her first paid position and passed with flying colors. The department even offered her the job in writing before she had completed the final tests of her classes.

Today, Kelly is a paid female firefighter living her dream career every day and Bold Doesn’t Look Back helped her get there. Today, she is setting the world on fire and we continue to walk with her while she does it.


If you want what Kelly has

- a got your back, boldly fierce community lifting each other up -

join Bold Doesn’t Look Back today.








“Empowering. Inspirational. Moving. Heartfelt and relatable. It’s amazing to witness someone who has come back from such hardship to be on top. It's amazing how proud you can feel for someone.”



"Dessi is one of a kind, her passion, her story and her drive to help people is infectious. Thank you Dessi for your commitment to making the world a better place, I can't wait to see what you create and achieve."



"I highly recommend Dessi if you’re looking for an inspiring speaker. I have been able to personally see a change in my mindset and how I approach situations largely due to the storytelling and lessons learned from Dessi. You will not be disappointed!"


lockheed martin

Dessi is one of the most inspiring human beings I have ever met. She was a guest on my podcast and came with energy, delivering a powerful story! Her professionalism, speed, deliverability, and presence are hard to match.
Dessi is committed to helping people leverage their adversity to build an epic future. And I cannot wait to hear stories about all the lives she will touch!


The Blazer Babe

"The way Dessi was able to captivate the audience was incredible. Her story is so moving, I can't believe how much she has been through in her life and I was blown away by how she has been able to turn every tragic event into a story of success."



"I have had the pleasure of working alongside Dessi and I can attest to her exceptional dedication and focus. Dessi possesses a rare combination of motivation and efficiency, consistently achieving remarkable results that resonate with each individual she works with." 




and get my latest eBook "365 Quotes for Overcoming Adversity Every Day of the Year" for free!

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Also available in hardcover: 

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